Dedication: To Smriti, and ...

... to all those people whose lives have been changed by birds found in South Asia, and who have taken the trouble to share their experiences, through various media, with others. I hope that this compilation contributes in facilitating the study of these wonderful co-habitors of planet Earth, and in the process, we learn a bit more on how to survive our own environmental follies.

This website was originally designed and implemented in 2011 by Anush Shetty and Pavithra Sankaran, with input from Sainath Vellal. In 2015, Tarique Sani, of SANIsoft, took it upon himself to continue support and augment the features of the website. He has made searching the website not only more powerful, but also added backend features that allow me to update the database in a couple of simple steps. Support from Suhel Quader has been unstinted and generous, in enabling the 'partnerships' at both the stages of this website's life. To all of them I am deeply grateful.

It is impossible to thank all those who have helped me directly/indirectly with this bibliography. However, I would like to thank the following persons/organisations:

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To my family: Babuji (father, Murarilal Pittie: 1941–2010), Chandra Sudha Pittie, Smriti Pittie, Prakriti Pittie, Prashast Pittie, Shruti Somani, and Ambareesh Pittie, who have always been puzzled by the amount of typing I do on the computer, thanks and gratitude are trivial and insubstantial words that limit my feelings towards them. All I would like to say to them is this, "I could not have done it without you."

Aasheesh Pittie

24 February 2015